About Kara

I’m a mother, a social-profit executive, a pastor, a runner, a yoga instructor, and a singer.

I’m a lover of silence, and a seeker of the Holy. I look for beauty everywhere.

I love learning from people of other faiths and spiritual paths. I’m passionate about serving people in poverty and bringing diverse people together to build relationships and transform our community. I look at the world and see possibility and promise.

I’ve walked through valleys and lived through trauma, and I could not have survived without the community of strong women that supported me. If I can be a part of someone else’s journey, shine a light on the path, clear the way for healing, it will be an honor.

4 thoughts on “About Kara

  1. Kara, I’m so proud to know you. Your life’s experiences and ability for ministry is amazing. Our Church is fortunate to have you as a leader in public ministry!! I’ve got to hear your beautiful voice singing again sometime!! Bob, Luther Springs, Kuehner

  2. We miss your warm smile, your welcoming presence, your keen intuition, and your inspiring sermons at TLU. But most of all, we miss the light that you bring in our lives, your lost sheep … we miss you dearly.

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