Here. Right here, right now bring your mind to this place and time. Invite it, even if it resists, to sit and witness what it is to be alive. Let there be no ulterior motive in this moment but to be. Rest on the waves of breath and choose to experience all of it.

– Richard Faulds, Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On and Off the Mat

I trained in the Kripalu tradition of Yoga in the summer of 2015 at Discovery Yoga in St. Augustine, FL. I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, 200 hour. Kripalu Yoga is a reflective style of yoga that allows time for adjusting and settling in to each pose, as well as time to observe the sensations in the body after the pose. Developing self-awareness is the goal of Kripalu Yoga, which brings empowerment in daily life.

I have taught yoga to young adults as well senior adults, adapting for those who prefer chair yoga. I enjoy teaching those who are new to yoga, providing clear instructions for every movement that creates a pose. I offer options for each pose so that everyone can choose how deep or how relaxed a pose will be. Yoga was originally designed to be a helpful prelude to meditation, and I enjoy incorporating a time of silence at the end of each class so that we can experience the ease with which we fall into stillness.

As the pandemic parameters allow, I will begin offering a weekly yoga class downtown in the coming months. If you are interested in receiving news of the schedule for these classes, please contact me. Kara

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