Abundant life through creativity

I experienced the bounty of a silent retreat this weekend. Such an incredible experience in so many ways. The theme centered on God’s creative Spirit working in and through us, and so there were several opportunities to stretch ourselves in new ways.

I don’t consider myself artsy, but since this was using art as a method of prayer, I jumped right in. I was drawn to the art form of making collages. It was amazing to be able to express the insights floating around in my head in a new and simple way! I just looked for images that spoke to me and cut and pasted. I even got to play with a little roller bar to get all the air bubbles out- way fun!

I created several collages throughout the weekend, but this one I want to share with you. I wrestle daily with my call as a pastor- what that means, how I live that out, where that call comes from. So this collage represents how I feel called as a pastor right now. I won’t explain it- where’s the fun in that? I invite you to discover the abundant life that’s flowing through my creative prayer life today! And may you discover your own call to serve God in the world right where you are, and may you be surprised by the abundant life within.


Published by Kara Joy Stewart

mom, executive director, pastor, runner, yoga teacher, singer, seeker

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