Meet Kara Stewart, the new Neighbors Together executive director who has a plan to prevent homelessness | Charleston SC | Charleston Magazine

As executive director of the recently renamed Neighbors Together (formerly Tricounty Family Ministries), the Rev. Kara Stewart plans to tackle one of the community’s biggest challenges—ending homelessness. The South Carolina native has experienced what it’s like to struggle on the edge. She’s been there as a child, growing up in poverty a short drive fromContinue reading “Meet Kara Stewart, the new Neighbors Together executive director who has a plan to prevent homelessness | Charleston SC | Charleston Magazine”

Holding my breath

Life is a rollercoaster these days. Yesterday, I was feeling ambitious and energetic and I actually got the whole house clean. Except the downstairs bathroom. Cleaning 2 bathrooms is my limit. The day before, I had no desire to move from the living room. It was a good thing my laptop was in reach soContinue reading “Holding my breath”

Beyond setting an example

All my life, I’ve been told that Lutherans evangelize (share the Good News of Jesus) by setting a good example. Our lives are supposed to be so compelling that people will notice our peace and love and joy and simply flock to church to get some of that for themselves. In the 80’s, the ELCAContinue reading “Beyond setting an example”

Cloudy with a chance of raga

When I visit Charleston, it feels like coming home. I didn’t grow up there, but I did grow into myself there. My first church was Redeemer Lutheran in West Ashley (that’s across the Ashley River from the peninsula of Charleston) and my first home was in Belle Hall Plantation, across the Cooper River in Mt.Continue reading “Cloudy with a chance of raga”

Dealing with the Hard Stuff: Yoga Teacher Training Week Two

Everything is hard here. Even breathing is hard. That look on my face- it says it all. The concentration. The introspection. The hard work. And all I’m doing is breathing. But it’s not just the new breathing techniques I’m learning, trying to understand their different effects on my body and imagining teaching others to breatheContinue reading “Dealing with the Hard Stuff: Yoga Teacher Training Week Two”

(re)discovering the power of gratitude

I am the Queen of Avoidance. It always starts out as a reasonable time-management strategy: I can’t give my full attention to this big issue/new development/major project, so I decide to set it aside until I can concentrate. And so begins the game I play. The rest of my day is so busy that I can’tContinue reading “(re)discovering the power of gratitude”