when plans go awry

These regrets are going to drown me, swirling around me like they are. If only I could rid myself of the If Onlys today could be – finally¬†– just about today. But Yesterday is my closest friend, and Last Year my¬†next door neighbor. Those anguished, second-guessing glances keep me twisted, looking over my shoulder makingContinue reading “when plans go awry”

“Therefore encourage one another. . .”

I never got around to framing the photos from my ordination. I had grand intentions of making enlargements of the photos of me with my home pastor, the laying on of hands, and the huge group of pastors who were present. But life got busy after that exciting day and there never seemed to beContinue reading ““Therefore encourage one another. . .””

A beautiful life

I can’t stop thinking about their eyes. I was privileged to meet with children in transition today. They are temporary residents of Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter in Corpus Christi, TX, a ministry of Lutheran Social Services of the South. I learned that LSSS is so good at providing care for children at the border that theContinue reading “A beautiful life”

time to start living

I have spent far too many Ash Wednesdays dreading the words “Remember that you are dust.” As a teenager, those words resonated with my already-low self-image and it felt like God was reiterating what I believed: I was worthless. As a young adult in seminary, I felt resentment as I participated in an out-of-touch ritualContinue reading “time to start living”

There’s a Hole in the Middle of a Pretty Good Life. . .

David Wilcox wrote those lyrics years ago. I fell in love with his songs my freshman year of college. He sang about taking risks in life and letting go of love that wounds and feeling alone and finding yourself again, all of which resonated with me. But one of his songs I didn’t understand: itContinue reading “There’s a Hole in the Middle of a Pretty Good Life. . .”