(re)discovering the power of gratitude

I am the Queen of Avoidance. It always starts out as a reasonable time-management strategy: I can’t give my full attention to this big issue/new development/major project, so I decide to set it aside until I can concentrate. And so begins the game I play. The rest of my day is so busy that I can’tContinue reading “(re)discovering the power of gratitude”

when plans go awry

These regrets are going to drown me, swirling around me like they are. If only I could rid myself of the If Onlys today could be – finally – just about today. But Yesterday is my closest friend, and Last Year my next door neighbor. Those anguished, second-guessing glances keep me twisted, looking over my shoulder makingContinue reading “when plans go awry”

to the anonymous bully

I’m thinking of you today, anonymous bully. You’ve hurt people I love, the young people I’m called to support and encourage as they grow and develop and mature into the amazing adults they’re called to be. You’ve posted things online that aren’t true, or maybe are true, but are hurtful, things you would never haveContinue reading “to the anonymous bully”

“Therefore encourage one another. . .”

I never got around to framing the photos from my ordination. I had grand intentions of making enlargements of the photos of me with my home pastor, the laying on of hands, and the huge group of pastors who were present. But life got busy after that exciting day and there never seemed to beContinue reading ““Therefore encourage one another. . .””

living day – to – day

I don’t know about where you are, but around here, we’re all exhausted. It’s the end of the first week of classes at TLU, and everyone is frazzled. This makes me happy. Why? Because I don’t feel so bad about being frazzled myself. Everything is new for me – the names of the buildings, theContinue reading “living day – to – day”